EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS I LEARNED DANCING is a charming little book that explores the etiquette of dance as a basis for understanding the dynamics of relationships--romantic and otherwise.  As the author takes us through direct experiences with dance, we come to understand how dance serves as a metaphor for graceful interrelationships and communications in person-to-person interactions of every kind.

Readers reviews:

"Wow--a lot of wisdom is packed into this little book.  It reminded me that, when you pay attention, you can find great life lessons in unexpected places."

"Quick read with simple truths about relationships that should be digested slowly.  This book could be read again and then again, throughout the rest of one's life, in reflection of all the dances (relationships) within our lives."

"I truly enjoyed this little 'chapter book'.  On the surface, it is so simple--beneath, profound."

"Enjoy the charm and wit of every word of this little gem and savor the dance!"